Year 3 2019-20

Easter Holiday Activity Comments


Hello All

I hope you are all having a bit of a rest and spending some quality time with your families.

I hope the Easter Activity ideas are keeping you all busy.

I would love to hear what activities you have all been upto.

Feel free to share and take photos that you can share in class later.

Happy Easter to you all. X

One comment on “Easter Holiday Activity Comments

  1. Dear Opal Class
    I hope your Easter holidays are going well and you are having a rest from working hard.

    Some of you have said you do not have a computer to do some of the activities on the suggested Easter holiday activities. Do not worry if you can not. Have a look at the suggested ideas and there are plenty on there that you can do without needing to use a computer. Even better still maybe you can come up with your own ideas to do over the Easter and come and share with us on our blog.
    Hope this helps!

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