Year 5 2019-20

Globe Theatre


What was your favourite part of our trip today?

What was the most interesting fact you learned?

6 comments on “Globe Theatre

  1. My favourite part of the trip was the bit when we shaped are partner to make are own version of what we thought Caliban looked like because it was fun to see what my idea looked like in real life. The most interesting fact I learned today is that this Globe theatre is the third one because the first one was burned down with a cannon and the second one was pulled down by a group of people called the puritans that where at war with king Charles the second

  2. I also liked that bit Caitlin😁

  3. My favourite bit was the I ams because of the cramps in grandma’s footsteps 😂

  4. The most interesting fact was that the pillars and gold is made out of wood!

  5. BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!

  6. I can’t wait for our next trip

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