Jet Class Wall Art – Salt!


As a school, we have been given the topic, ‘salt’ as the stimulus for our wall art.

In Jet Class, we have used this stimulus to learn about the salt marches in India.

Although you may not believe it, the humble grain of salt was the beginning of the end of the might British Empire. This story has captivated the children, and they have blown me away with their amazing writing! Their commitment and resilience was excellent – I can’t wait to a lot some more!!

Going forward, we will be looking into the life of Ghandi, and how he changed the world for the better, in some regards.

In the mean time, as you can’t come into school, have a look at our artwork and remember, ‘ In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’ M. Ghandi.

See you soon – Mr McEleney


Some amazing writing!


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