Year 5 2014-15

Meet the Greeks!


This Autumn term Jet class have stepped into a Tardis time machine all the way back to years between 800BCE and 146BCE.  We have been stepping out at key events in Ancient Greece history and discovering the background behind well known myths and legends.

Jet class have immersed themselves head first into myths and Legends of Troy, the Trojan horse and the battles won and lost over centuries to save the fair maiden Helen.  We have identified key features of myths and legends and are in the creative stages of creating our own myths.

So far we have commenced our creative juices and have created our own mythical creatures with their own characters, likes and dislikes and magical powers.  You can check out our corridor display next time your in school…


mythical creatures display mythical creature ruby

Can you tell me any mythical creatures you have read about in the Greek myths and legends you have researched at home?

55 comments on “Meet the Greeks!

  1. I think that year 5 should put up their blog their fables that they did for homework.

  2. Most definitely will be posting your super Homework Tia. Can’t wait to see it…

  3. Erica Falanga says:

    Same thing Tia we were thinking the same thing but to draw even more pictures.

  4. I like the splended year 5 display

  5. Erica Falanga says:

    thank you tia

  6. I wold like to coment on the 1st one on the 5th row witch is my big sister Tia’s one. I like how the three heads are attached with metal poles, the coler of the back round, the couler of the snak’s body is cool and the couler of the heads.

  7. Erica Falanga says:

    Thank you Aidan that was mine

  8. I didn’t know you could write so well well done .

  9. Nicholas Joseph says:

    I think that the colouring in on 1st one on the 5th row looks good. I also found out that, the one that I comented on is atraly my big cousen’s picture.

  10. Andre De Freitas says:

    I like the year five display and the colours on the work and the writting

  11. Thanks Andre, it is an amazing display. Well done Jet class … What special power did your mythical creature have?

  12. thank you for putting our pictures up on the screen.Lillian and my cozen like the pictures

  13. Erica Falanga says:

    I also thank you for ever thing that you have done for us

  14. Thank you Erica but it is all you guys that put in the effort and produce the work.

  15. Erica Falanga says:

    I think Miss Robb we should do more art

  16. No problem Erica, Jet class is super good at art. What did you have in mind?

  17. Thanks for your comments

  18. isaac and tavo says:

    hi its tavo and Isaac love the display

  19. I know it’s great. Did you enjoy learning about Greek Myths and Legends?

  20. Thanks for the answer Isaac

  21. isaac and tavo says:


  22. rubie-raine says:

    my family and I love :-) the new jet class display.
    even though mine isn’t on it!

  23. Hi Rubie-Raine, that’s why I gave yours a special place on the blog main page =)

  24. Rubie the picture that you drew was beautiful

  25. Delvie Bokete says:

    Hey miss Robb is Delvie when are we going to do cooking week

  26. Hi Delvie, we will do cooking on Friday I will start a new blog for that when we get some pictures…

  27. Mabe we might cook greek food

  28. Aidan Joseph says:

    Thank you very much for replying to me Erica

  29. You welcome

  30. I like the life cycle display

  31. We will be cooking Greek food and I have pictures of our other display which will go up on our website tomorrow.

  32. isaac and tavo says:

    thats great

  33. isaac and tavo says:

    i love the myths and legand

  34. Delvie Bokete says:

    My whole family love the myths legend and the display

  35. Hey its Sophia, I love the display including those amazing mythical creatures, they are great.

  36. They are amazingly mythical…

  37. I think the Year 5 display is very good we need to keep up the great work guys

  38. We’ll done jet class for your mythical drawings.We all made it look really nice and they were really imaginative :)

    Thank you miss Robb I really like doing art because when I am older I might consider being a artist.that lesson was extremely fun .

  39. I think the Year 5 display is good keep up the great work guys


  41. Erica falanga says:

    Thank you CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Will the writing that we done to describe our mythical creatures go on the blog.

  43. I loved meet the Greeks

  44. Delvie Bokete says:

    My Mum love the display to much

  45. Erica falanga says:

    What if we went to the British museum to look at some of the greeks

  46. I think the display is very good and detailed I thought we were going to do one for our homework even my mum liked it to so keep it up jet class

  47. Thank you Aziz, I will get a home learning one as soon as possible. Great display Jet!!!!

  48. Delvie Bokete says:

    Are display is very good even my baby sister mia like it to keep up the good staff jet class

  49. carah loved the stuth we dun .

  50. hi its tavo

  51. I think we all did lots of creative stuff using our imaginations !

  52. I really enjoyed drawing our mythical beast and writing a story about them and I really liked every ones story and mythical beast

  53. Creating mythical creatures was really fun and I would love to do it again

  54. Art is my favourite subject.

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