Mad Science Assembly


Today at St Mark’s our children were treated to a sensational scientific show from ‘Mad Science’.

At 11am children met in the hall with their classes and took part in a number  brilliant Scientific investigations led by are very own mad scientist Lava-Lamp Lisa.

From Wednesday 4th October  St Mark’s will be running a ‘Mad Science Club after school every Wednesday for an 8 week period (excluding half term)

If you are interested in signing your child up for ‘Mad Science Club’ please complete and register on the following form:-

Mad Science Club Form

Children will also be given a registration form to bring home after school today.

The deadline for registration is Friday 29th September.

Please check out the pictures from todays exciting assembly below:-

“It’s just paper!”

“Wow, it’s disappeared!”

Put your Mad Science goggles on children!

That’s how it’s done!

Keep the egg safe!

“There’s a flame!”

Wow.. that’s a blast of air.