Computing is the new name for ICT (Information Communication Technology).  At St Marks children have the opportunity to access a range of computing devices such as the interactive whiteboard, IPADs, laptops, roamers and cameras.

There will be 6 strands taught, these are:

1. Programming

There will be progression of programming skills which build upon previous learning and which aim to move pupils from constructing simple sequential algorithms (instructions) to complex programs.

2. Multimedia

The multimedia strand is designed to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to work creatively within a range of media and on a range of technology platforms.  Examples of media types covered are: graphics; text; sound; video; and animation.

3. Communication and Collaboration

This strand of the curriculum is designed to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the internet and undertake tasks of communication and data storage.  Examples of topics covered within this strand are: websites; email; blogging; research via search engines; video conferencing; and cloud computing

4. Data Handling

The data strand aims to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to enter, manipulate, sort, search and represent data a variety of formats in a range of programs. In working through this strand, pupils are introduced to the notion of entering data to a program.

5. E-Safety

Since pupils are spending a greater time online and are starting to go online at a younger age, and on a greater range of devices, the curriculum aims to provide pupils with the education they require to help navigate the online world safely and take their place respectfully in online communities

6. Creativity

The creativity strand is taught cross-curricular.  Children will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge acquired via computing to enhance their learning. This strand gives teachers the opportunity to make cross-curricular links with any of the other 5 strands.  Examples of topics that may be covered are: researching online; understanding the variety of information outlets; and publishing work via power points or word processing.

At St Marks we are enthusiastic about learning in a creative way with a variety of platforms that cater to a variety of children and learning styles.  With a world where technology is ever changing your children will leave school equipped to take advantage of it.