Black History Week Assembly


Following ‘Black History Month’ St Mark’s celebrated black history with a special week dedicated to learning about the iconic people who have inspired, influenced and changed the world. All week children have been producing amazing work and have been learning about the famous black people who have made a difference to our lives. Yesterday we held a special assembly where children were able to share their work with the whole school.

Here are some photos of our assembly:

Amber, Pearl and Emerald class performed a traditional song using lots of exciting instruments.

Sapphire class performed an amazing rap poem about Rosa Parks!

Ruby class spoke about the life of the first African American president, Barack Obama!

Opal class shared their amazing biographies about the marvellous Martin Luther King.

Jet class shared lots of interesting facts about the Windrush that started in 1948 and the iconic Mary Jane Seacole!

Onyx class shared their written biographies about the life of the great Nelson Mandela!