Climate Change March


Before we set off for the march we sang our song, ‘SOS from the Kids’ to the office staff.

We made our way to Islington Town Hall where councillors heard our messages and answered our questions.

We were very pleased to hear the council supporting our cause. We all need to look after our planet.

It was great having so many of our parents supporting us too.

The children made bright, colourful posters to help get their messages across.

The children felt strongly about the damage adults are doing to the world. They had the courage to stand up and speak out.

The children wanted to let all the councillors know that change MUST happen otherwise we will not have a future.

We listened to what the councillors had to say, we wanted to know what they were going to do about climate change.

The children walked up to the microphone at the top of the stairs of the town hall and recited a poem about climate change.

Then we told the councillors our concerns about the future of our planet and asked them to help us.

We are very proud of our children, they had the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Our singing of ‘SOS from the Kids’ attracted members of the public.

We marched from Upper Street to Holloway Road tube station chanting and singing our climate change songs.

We received a lot of support from the public, people gave us thumbs up and shouted out words of encouragement. We even got the occasional ‘beep’ of support from passing motorists.