Year 4 2017-18

Coral Class Open Afternoon


Parents helped their children with our Anglo-Saxons topic.


We had some new faces turning up for Open Afternoon

Even grandparents were roped in to help!

It was great seeing so many parents turn up.

We heard the story of King Vortigem

We learnt that two Saxon brothers, Hengest and Horsa were asked by the King to help him fight against the Scots and the Picts.

We role played the two brothers decision to trick the King and stay in Britain

The two Saxon brothers decided to stay in Britain and so sent for people from their home lands.

We call the people who invaded and settled in Britain the Anglo-Saxons because the two biggest groups were called Angles and Saxons.

We even wrote messages to each other using Runes

Our Christian values are thankfulness, wisdom, peace and hope.