Dear Children- A Message From Ms Braithwaite!


Dear children,

Hello, it’s Ms Braithwaite here, writing to you all about the current situation.

It is almost a week since St Mark’s was open and a lot has happened during this time. All schools across the country have now closed to the majority of children and I know for many of you, this will be extremely upsetting. Your teachers and teaching assistants are also very upset about not seeing you every day and helping you with your learning in school. They are however, working very hard to try and provide you with as many exciting things as they can to help your learning continue at home.

On Monday, a small group of children will be coming into school because their parents have jobs which are important in helping the country stay well.

As always, I was so proud of how well you responded to this outbreak in the beginning, washing your hands thoroughly, limiting contact with each other and showing maturity in a very difficult situation.  You are ALL credits to our school.

I also know that lots of you will be very worried and concerned. As a school community we will do everything we can to get through this.

From next week, St Mark’s will be providing sandwich lunches for some of your families. Please ask your parents to check the website to find out more information about this.

Keep working hard and being the amazing children you are. Continue to be kind and loving to one another. I look forward to getting back to normal with you all although that is probably going to be some time away.

Please stay safe and well along with your families.

From your very proud headteacher,
Ms Braithwaiite