Emergency call to the RSPCA…We Have news…





The RSPCA collected the injured bird and took it to the ‘hospital’.

Can anyone help with our query? Does the RSPCA bring back the bird to the location they found the bird (to be reunited with its family) or do they just let it fly away?


This morning the  children noticed a small black bird in the raised beds. He would not fly away and when we tried to help it we were attacked by other birds. We needed help so we called the RSPCA who advised us to put a ventilated box over the bird until they could send someone out.

The little black bird was unable to fly away.

We covered the bird with a ventilated box to keep it safe.

This was a very scary mission, whenever we got close to the injured bird we were attacked by larger birds.

We finally managed to cover the bird with the box, keeping it safe until the RSPCA gets here.

As we left other birds were gathering above the box

It might not be clear in the photograph but amongst those leaves the other birds were watching

You can see the fear of being attacked

Mission accomplished!

With trepidation we approached the injured bird