Headteacher’s Award Autumn 2020




For super sounding out and writing.


For lovely neat handwriting!


For producing some beautiful writing!


For amazing counting!!


For amazing writing.


For fantastic writing.


Amazing reading


Beautifully presented, marvellous maths


For independent, well presented and thoughtful writing.


For amazing, independent writing.


For excellent accuracy in maths. Well done!


For super sounding out and great writing.


For amazing art work


For great sounding out with his writing.


For being generous in spirit and showing increased concentration during learning time.


Award for a beautiful Viking long boat


For amazingly creative home learning


For writing with amazing flair.


For a great team writing effort.


For a well structured, informative report.


For a well structured, informative report.


For consistently giving 100% to her writing.


For marvelous mathematics.


For an amazing Viking shield telling us about Viking weapons and what we want to protect in our lives.


Great writing to create suspense.


For amazing writing about the fall of the British Empire.


For excellent writing


For great piece of work on how SALT brought down the British Empire.


First Headteacher awards of the new term for amazing poetry