Here come the entrepreneurs of tomorrow…


Ten Year 6 children and our Digital Leaders attend the Emirates Stadium Design & Technology exhibition.

Our Digital Leaders managed trialled out some new inventions

Our Enigma machine! We remember you!

One of our Digital Leaders is ready for lift off….5…4….3…..2…..1

Some of these new gadgets are wicked!

Lego…an old favourite.

As soon as we got there the children begun setting up their exhibition table..

It was not all work and no play…they had an opportunity to look at other schools’ work.

Our children had their ‘sales’pitch perfected and executed beautifully!

The Islington Mayor was ecstatic to meet us. He gave us 10/10!

St Mark’s ‘Intelligent Fridge’ would help eliminate food waste. With a specially designed app it would notify you when your ‘eat by’ date was due.

We had a lot of interested ‘customers’ who complained of all the food wasted/thrown out after Christmas.

The children had even ‘priced’ up their design and were trying to ‘sell’

We even met an old St Mark’s pupil! He was very interested to hear all our news and so was invited to come and visit. I think we made his day!

Never to miss an opportunity, our ‘sells’ pitch was rolled out again.

I think I can spot a potential customer…

Katie from Purple Mash was given the hard sell, she was offered 3 for the price of 2.

St Mark’s were ready and waiting for any opportunity to share their designs.

And the winners are….

We were all winners! We even got a special mention. Well done St Mark’s.