Summer Holidays- Ideas and tips for learning at home from Islington Council


Week of 20 July 2020

Top Tips to make the most of the summer in Islington

We’ve put together tips and resources to support your child’s learning during the summer for when you are out and about.

You can find all of these resources and more on our website at 

This week

  • Website of the week
  • Let’s go outside
  • English
  • Enrichment
  • Reception Activities

Website of the Week

We’ve picked the best websites out there to support home learning over summer.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

The Oxford University Press set up Oxford Owl to provide support to schools and parents.

There is:

  • a free e-book library
  • top tips for supporting reading and maths
  • plenty of other fantastic ideas to support all primary aged pupils at home


Let’s go outside

Green Spaces

Although London is a city we have many fantastic green spaces and there is no better time to enjoy them than the summer!

This week try visiting Parkland Walk. Did you know that it is the longest Linear Nature Reserve in London at 4km in length? It follows the former railway line connecting Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace which opened in 1873.



Spelling Support

Pick five spellings from your year group.

Practice spelling one of these words each day of the week using these strategies:

  • Rap each letter in order. Make up a short rhyme to go with your rap.
  • Make up a dance routine. For each step you do, say each letter of the word you’re practicing. You will need the same number of moves as there are letters in the word.
  • Use chalk and practice spelling words on the pavement.
  • Create a mnemonic to help you remember the spelling. Use these ideas if you’re stuck



Making Music

Body Percussion – where your body is the instrument!

There are many ways to use the body to make sound and rhythm. The four main body percussion sounds are clicking, clapping, patting and stamping. Also try tapping your chest, slapping your thighs or rubbing your hands together. Listen to the different types of sounds produced by the different actions. Create a simple rhythm like clap, clap, stamp, click, click, stamp! For variety, add more actions to the sequence, repeat them, change the order, speed up them or slow them down! Need more inspiration? Watch Anna Meredith demonstrate body percussion moves in this BBC Ten Pieces video of her composition Connect It.


Reception Activities

Traditional Tales

We are starting off the summer by sharing some of our favourite traditional tales with you.

There are lots of fun activities to do together with your reception aged child this week from puppet making, building and testing houses for The Three Little Pigs to finding out all about West Africa where the wonderful Anansi stories originate.