Gardening at school began as a parent initiated project in 2009.  The project has enriched school life massively, especially now that we have a pond and some chickens!

Every Thursday we have a lunchtime gardening club. In the afternoon groups of children come and work with me in the garden and after school a club for parents/carers and their children.

All our sessions are well attended.

Over the last five years there have been some key benefits delivered to our children:

  • They have learnt to grow vegetables from seed giving them an awareness of food production
  • Responsibility to the environment
  • Working together in different age groups
  • Positive behaviour
  • Taking control of their own safety by trusting them with tools
  • Practical outside learning experiences that link to lessons in the classroom

The physical side of gardening helps children stay focused; they are learning to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle – an important tool for success at school and beyond!

Gathering the resources for this project has always been a challenge and now we are asking for your support to sustain it. We have come such a long way it would be tragic if we were forced to stop now.

  • Do you know of any funding streams that we could benefit from?
  • Do you have any fundraising ideas? We would like to hear about them.
  • Do you want to come and help on a Thursday lunchtime? We would love to have you, no experience necessary!

Thank you to all the parents/carers who buy the produce from the children every Wednesday, we truly appreciate your support, hopefully we will have more to offer in the near future….

See you in the garden soon!