The summer holiday is finally here and I am sure that you have lots of fun activities planned. If you feel like you want to do some work at home, I would recommend the following fun activities for you to do over the 6 weeks.

  • Read! Let your imagination run wild by reading whenever you can.
  • Keep a diary. Write about what you did, what you’re going to do and who you are going with. Don’t forget to add your lovely drawing too. Lastly, make sure that you writing has capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
  • Write a book/movie review. When you finish reading a book or watching a movie, why not write about what you thought about it.  Make sure you write down the title of the book/film, describe the story , whether you would recommend it or not and why you like or dislike it.
  • Write lists. I like making lists for all kinds of things. You can make lists for what you’ll be doing each day, you can make a shopping list, you can make a list of all the toys you have at home. The possibilities are endless.
  • Do some baking and follow a recipe. A lot of learning can take place when cooking. You follow a list of instructions and will often have to measure things out.
  • Become a shape investigator. Have a look at the objects in your home or outside and see how many times you can recognise a specific shape. Remember some are 2D shapes and others are 3D.
  • Go to the shop with an adult and buy something.  Learning about money is important at this age, so try to recognise the different coins and notes and find out how much they are worth.
  • Practice the common exception words found in the past home learning page posts. It’s important to learn how to spell the tricky words that we cannot sound out phonetically. Have a go at remembering some over the summer holiday.
  • Practice your number bonds 20. 

I’m sure that this is more than enough to keep you busy throughout the holiday. However, do remember to have lots of fun and enjoy the summer.

Ms Mohamed