Follow the recipe below to make dinosaur egg rice Krispie cakes. Try to measure the ingredients. Notice how the ingredients change when they get hot. They melt and change from solid to liquid.


• Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Cereal
• Mini Marshmallows
• Butter (Sweet Cream, Salted)
• Food Colouring

You will need to make two batches of Rice Krispie Treat mixture – one for each of the Dinosaur Egg colours.
Directions for a single batch of Rice Krispie Bites:
1. Melt 3 tbsp. Butter in a medium pan.
2. Add 3 cups of Mini Marshmallows and stir until the marshmallows are completely melted.
3. Take the pan off the heat.
4. Add food colouring and mix.
5. Add 3 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal and mix until they are completely covered with the marshmallow mixture.
6. Allow the Rice Krispie Mixture to cool slightly.
7. Grab a handful of the Rice Krispie Treat mixture and then use your hands to form the Dinosaur Eggs.
8. To add some pizzazz to the Dinosaur Eggs, use individual pieces of purple Rice Krispie Treat mixture to create “speckles” on the eggs.
9. Allow Rice Krispie Treat Dinosaur Eggs to cool.
10. Repeat for the other Dinosaur Egg colour.


What Does Jesus Teach Christians?

Jesus teaches Christians lots about God and about the way they should live, but he said that love was more important than anything else.
Jesus said in one of His Commandments to  “Love one another.”
What does this mean? How can Christians show love?

‘A New Commandment,’ link as follows –


Make a collage of hearts made from different sizes and materials, talk about ways people care for each other and write or draw them on the hearts.
You can also write or draw how Christians might show their love for other people.


Where do you think dinosaurs come from? Where do we live? Do you think there were dinosaurs in England? Have a look at a map of the world and find out where dinosaurs came from. Can you draw your own map to show where the dinosaurs lived.


Listen to the dinosaur songs below and have a go at making actions to go with the words.



Follow the link below to watch Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures:
Watch the clip about triceratops. What did they do to scare away competitors?

Nature Walk

Go to the park and look out for living things around you. How do you know these things are alive? What can you see? I found a snail and made a home for him using mud, water, leaves and stones.


Listen to the story ‘Ruby’s Worry’ using the link below:

Do you have any worries? What are they? How does it make you feel? How can you help your worry to go away? Who is a special person you can tell about your worry?