Hello Emerald,

We do not have maths or literacy today, instead we will do lots of activities relating to our topic of space and also other subjects we normally do in school.


Music- Please have a go at singing the songs I have added to your learning pack, they’re really fun and catchy! Which one is your favourite? Can you think of a dance to go with the song?

RE- This half term we are answering “Why do Christians Believe Jesus is Special?“-

Thinking back to our previous lessons, who is Jesus and why was He a very special person to so many?

Can you think of a special person ion your life? Someone who helps and cares for you maybe, or a friend who is kind to you. Can you draw that person and ask a grown up to write down your comments? Please send me your pictures, I would love to see them.

PE- Please follow this link to Lance’s PE lesson for this week.

Topic- Listen to Miss Farah read a non-fiction book about the moon. What invention can you make to explore space?



-Spanish. Can you watch the video below and work through the activity set up by Eliana? Can you guess the new colour and number she has added?

-Listen to Miss Farah read ‘The First Hippo on The Moon’ by David Walliams. https://youtu.be/3VNzPf-DfTE 


-Watch this short clip of the first astronaut on the moon (click here) his name was Neil Armstrong. Can you pretend you are walking on the moon? Can you take small steps and giant steps?

I have also added activities in your pack for you to complete over the next 2 weeks. There are alien masks which you can use to role play.


Once again, you have done really well this week, well done to all of you! Have a lovely weekend.