As part of British Science Week we had an action packed week filled with lots of exciting Science activities.

First we shared ideas about what we thought a Scientist looks like and the qualities they have, we drew a Scientist on our whiteboards. Then we realised that anybody can be a Scientist and we are too!

We had a roundabout day in class. We explored magnets, built Lego bridges, made aeroplanes, explored floating and sinking objects and tested how the amount of water in a glass affects the sound.

We shared our innovation home learning projects with our friends and we voted on which was the most environmentally friendly, the best poster and the most creative.

We had lots of talks over video calls with Scientists and an Engineer to find out about how the Eden Project was created. We also watched a chick hatched and learned about the life cycle of a chicken.

We observed different innovations from the past and asked questions about where they came from and how they were invented.

We made playdough and described how the mixture changed as we added ingredients. Using our playdough we then created a robobug designed to adapt to different conditions. We thought about what body parts the robobug would need to survive in these conditions.