Hard at work in the office boardroom!

Last Friday Onyx class visited the Offices in Angel. The trip was linked to our African topic and we were learning about the geography and culture of different African countries. We took part in a workshop and learnt how to book a holiday. We also learnt about social media and even had the opportunity to plan and give a presentation in a real office boardroom. We were then given a guided tour around the offices and met all of the staff. Finally we went  onto the 360 degree balcony to eat our lunch. We had great fun!


We worked in groups to collect information about different African countries using the internet to find specific information. We then had to stand at the front of the boardroom and present our findings in front of an audience.



We wrote postcards to Mr Jones and told him about our fantastic holidays in Africa.



Lunch with a view! After a hard days work Onyx class eat their lunch on the 360 degree balcony with a fantastic view of the city.