In class, we have had an immersion day based on Sikhism. We have been learning all about Sikhism this year, which we really enjoyed. During our immersion day, we had a great Zoom Q&A with other Deanery Primary year 5 classes and Lady Singh: Her husband is Lord Singh, who sits in the House of Lords. Lady Singh told us about the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) and her faith as a Sikh. She described how her faith impacts her life, and her choices. Later in the day, we helped classes out in the dinner hall. We did this in order to replicate Sewa (selfless service) and the Langar (a place in the Gurdwara, where everyone is welcome to eat) in the Gurdwara. In the afternoon, we used the information that Lady Singh shared, to create PowerPoints, posters and leaflets, which we will share with the school.