This morning musicians from all year groups took part in the Easter Music Performance Assembly.

We kicked off with year 5 pupils playing a duet on their flute and clarinet respectively. They have been playing for 2 years now and are starting to become accomplished woodwind players. It was very impressive to see.

Next up we had the whole of the Year 4 class who have only played Clarinet for 6 weeks! They played two songs, Hemma and Dipsy. A lot of early clarinet playing is about just making a good sound from the instrument so the class has done really well to learn that and learn a song where they use two notes, G and F.

A massive thank you to their Clarinet teacher, Liam.

A Year 6 pupil was up next. She played ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ by Queen on the guitar. It has some tricky strumming patterns and some quick chord changes. Well done! Keep it up with that guitar practice.

Then it was time for Rock Club to take to the stage. Rock club played two songs. The first was a cover of Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson. During this song each of the three keyboard players played their own improvised solo using a C pentatonic scale with some blues notes thrown in there for good measure. Their second song was Wonderful World by Sam Cooke. A really beautiful song but with some very tricky chords on keyboard and guitar.

Finally, due to other commitments we heard a Year 6 pupil play his original composition ‘Stepping Stones’ at the end of the day in our Autism Awareness Assembly. The teachers were all in shock at how good it was! He is a musical genius. Please keep composing!

I am already looking forward to our next concert which will take place at the end of next half term.

Mr Allinson