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Moving up in school
Moving up and changing school is a big change for children and parents or caregivers. It’s a new stage of growing independence and separation. Fears and worries are normal as well as excitement, as with each stage of childhood development. As parents, your role is to help children cope with and overcome their fears, to nurture them to feel brave and capable.

Created by the Solihull Approach
For emotional health and wellbeing for all children and their parents so that they can thrive as kind, sociable and emotionally aware people throughout their lives.

inourplace online courses are developed by psychologists at the Solihull Approach in partnership with health experts, schools and psychotherapists as well as parents.

Solihull Approach to sleep
While sleep is a natural instinct, it’s also a skill we have to develop: learning how to wind down and how much sleep we need. The Solihull Approach promotes connected relationships between parents and infants to help children learn and thrive as they grow.

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