For great writing and beautiful illustration.


For an amazing book about Easter.


For some fantastic work in R.E!


For an amazing solo performance.


For an amazing diary entry.


For wonderful reading


For good sounding out and lovely illustration.


For fantastic work in Maths counting both forward and backwards.


Well written report on the suffragettes


For creative home learning.


For being fantastic handy helpers!


For marvelous maths


For fantastic writing.


For producing some excellent stone-age artifacts as past of your homework project.


For producing an excellent piece of topic work about the stone-age!


Some excellent topic work about your trip to the Science Museum!


For producing some amazing writing!


For amazing work in Maths!


For producing some excellent writing!


For fantastic reading!


For writing and sounding out your key words!


For amazing writing.


For amazing writing.


For fantastic writing.


For amazing artwork.


For a fantastic news article.


For improved handwriting


For fantastic postcard writing.


For fantastic postcard writing.


For fantastic postcard writing.


For great recipe writing.


Great effort and wonderful writing.


For super sounding out and reading.


For amazing writing.


For fantastic work in Maths!