Pearl Class had fun playing with nature art frames whilst they explored the variety of wonderful school gardens.

Nature art frames are really simple to make, fun to play with and create some wonderful images.

You just need an old piece of cardboard a pen and some scissors. We like to reuse materials as one of many small things that we do to help the environment. So instead of chucking used cardboard boxes we like to find ways to use them in crafts and activities.

Then all you need to do is draw a simple shape or picture. Your shape or picture should have at least 1- 2 easy to cut out sections that you can then look through. We chose to make our frames butterfly and a heart shaped.

When you have cut out the see through sections of your frames, all you need to do is take them outside and hold them up against any of the interesting natural things you can see, like the sky, trees, flowers or grass for example.