Who remembers the library at St. Mark’s? It was a very functional room, with lots of books (see the images below). Some may say, it was a little unloved, or maybe forgotten about. However, St Mark’s staff have been busy beavering away to create an oasis of reading calm, within our school. A place where children can go and relax and enjoy a book, or two. We don’t think you will believe it, when you see it.

Our new library is part of our reading drive, here at St. Mark’s. We at St. Mark’s are committed to being a reading friendly school. A school which promotes a love of reading from Early Years, through to Year 6, and beyond. We want our children to love books, as much as they can. We want them to use them as a catalyst for their learning and a platform for their success. We want them to be swept away in a fictional escapes, from as many authors as we can fit on our shelves. We want them to become successful and positive readers, and we want it all to start in our brand-new library.

We cannot wait to share our new library with you. Please keep an eye out for the dates of our reopening on the newsletter and we look forward to getting your thoughts are feedback.