This half term in music, Onyx class have been working on some exciting things with Mr Allinson. Following on from our bucket drumming sessions in Autumn 1, this half term we have been developing musical ideas to create an instrumental piece of music.

This term, we worked to learn about note values and began to use crotchets, quavers and rests to create rhythm. Using this knowledge we then worked to compose our very own technical syncopated rhythms.

Using our syncopated rhythms, we then created a base for a song as a class. We chose notes from a decided minor key to create ostinatos, and consolidated all of our learning, by bringing it together on instruments, such as: keyboards, glockenspiels, an electric guitar and a bass guitar.

We have really enjoyed our sessions with Mr A this term, and were extremely excited to share some of the great music and beats we created.

Thank you Mr Allinson, for always ensuring our lessons are jam packed with fun, learning and creativity.