This year in Tundra class, we have covered a range of topics from changes of state in science to climate change.

With our business enterprise coming up at the school Summer Fair, we have found the perfect way to bring together all of our learning with ‘Tundra Melts’, selling eco friendly, natural soy wax melts, scented with essential oils.

Seeking to draw attention to the changes in climate currently happening all over the world, we have decided to call our business ‘Tundra Melts’… because that is exactly what is happening.

We used what we have learned about changes of states to melt soy wax from a solid to a liquid, used what we know about mixing substances to blend our wax with essential oils and allowed for cooling to see our liquid solutions solidify to become solids.

Please come along to our school summer fair and support us in raising awareness for an important cause and money for our school.