Spring Term in Ruby Class

Welcome to Spring Term in Ruby Class!

I hope you had a nice and relaxing Christmas break and ready to start the new term. I am excited for our learning journey ahead and supporting your child to be young successful learners and confident individuals.

Our topic this term is ‘Our Changing World – Then and Now’. We will be researching and exploring the Great Fire of London!!  Read on to find out more!

Dates for your diary:

Class Assembly: Tuesday 13th March

Tower of London Trip: Wednesday 25th January

Science Museum Trip: Thursday 2nd February

PE: Monday and Tuesday (Don’t forget your kit)


Enquiry Based Concepts:

Togetherness: How do we utilise natural and man-made materials? (linked to our science)

Value of God’s Word: The power and hope of God’s word. (links to our R.E.)



Our focus in Ruby class this term is on Number. We will be looking at money, multiplication and division and measurement (length, height, mass and capacity). We will be using our Math’s knowledge to make connections and solve real life problems. We cna’r wait to become excellent mathematicians.


This term we will be using specific texts to engage your child in learning. We will be using stimulus books such as Rosie Revere the Engineer and Claude in the city. These books have been specifically chosen, as they highlight the amazing links throughout the curriculum.  The children will be writing in role, writing narrative and newspaper reports. Feel free to pop in anytime, and see their work.


In RE this term, we will be learning about Islam. We will be focussing on the five pillars of Islam, and how they impact the life of a Muslim. Later in the term we will be looking into the life and story of Noah, from the Bible. We will explore the concept of what the story of Noah is all about?


Throughout this term, we will be studying the Great Fire of London. We will be looking at all the things which led to the fire occurring, and how the fire has resulted in the London we see today. We will also be going on a trip to the Tower of London on January 25th.


The core focus of computing this term will be saving and storing data on a system. We will use the Busy Things platform, to teach this. Later in the term we will be looking at programming and designing code, using Scratch.


‘Plants’ and ‘Everyday Materials’ will be our topics this term. We will be looking into the growth of plants from seeds to bulbs. We will also have an experiment on the growth of water cress. Later in the term we will be looking at the everyday materials we use and their properties. These materials will be linked to a very find DT project – so stay tuned.


In this learning area, we will be looking at the ways we can take care keep safe and manage risk. We will be focussing on how to stay safe in the different environments. Later in the term, we will be looking into spending, saving and the world of work – how exciting.


Ruby class will have PE every Monday morning with their class teacher and an afternoon each week with Lance. The children will be working on skills from stretching and fielding to yoga. although fun lessons, children will be taught how to use these skills and build upon them over time.

Pupils will have the opportunity to work independently, in pairs and small groups.

Home learning

Home learning will be set every Friday. Children will bring home a home learning pack which aligns with teacher they do in the classroom. Please discuss and work through the tasks with your child. If you have any clarifying questions of the tasks set, please do not hesitate to ask. Home learning will be collected every Wednesday.

Reading is a big focus in our class! Each day, your child will bring home their St Mark’s reading logs and books to read. Children must remember to bring them back to school every day signed by an adult.


Many Thanks, Mr. Munip