Welcome to the Summer Term!

Our P.E days are every Monday and Wednesday. Please bring in your PE kit for our lessons.

Below is an outline of what we will be covering this term across all of the subjects.

This term we will be learning through the books; Lila and the Secret of the Rain, The Emperor’s Eggs, The Bee Who Spoke and Where the Wild Things Are. The children will writing instructional reports, recounts, narratives, diary entries and poetry.

Our topics this term include fractions, time and geometry. We will also be using our Maths knowledge to solve real life problems.


This term, we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will discover more about what a habitat is, what the habitats are in our local area and how it can effect what animals eat. We will also be looking into the life cycles of different animals.

Geography: Oceans and Seas

This term we will be learning about Oceans and Seas. We will learn about what and where they are in the world.

We will also be looking at what climate is and how we can become a weather expert.

We will have PE every Monday and Wednesday where we will be doing invasion games, ball skills, fundamentals and athletics.


This term we will be learning about celebrations in Judaism. We will also look at why Christians make and keep promises before God.


We will be learning about:

1. Relationships and health education: Similarities and differences.
2. Drug, alcohol and tobacco education: Medicines and me.

As a part of our cooking and nutrition curriculum, we will be preparing and making a healthy fruit salad.

We will be learning how to take photos and solve and code puzzles. The children will also learn about the news and media and how to communicate online.