Year 6 2014-15

African Art Prints


Here is a gallery of our fantastic African Print work.

Which  African Art Print is your favourite and why? Which process of Lino printing did you find challenging and which did you like the most? Please leave your comments below.

61 comments on “African Art Prints

  1. mine isn’t on there… D:

  2. Theo Cupitt says:

    mine isn’t on there :'(

  3. my favourite African art print is Zion’s because I like the way that I drew a women carrying a water jug. I like the background that I did as well. but I like everyone’s as well.
    from Zionxx

  4. Mine isn’t there!!!! I am very UNLUCKY( that was a joke even though I don’t have it online)!!!!!! I like all of them.

  5. i agree

  6. it is very nice Zion

  7. My fovroute one is the one with the woman holding a bucet in pink by jensine that’s me i think st marks did a really good job the teacher called mr joans did really hard work.



    Jensine Boateng

    onxy class

    st marks student

    thank you

  8. My faviroute lino print is mafthews becuase ofthe detail that he’s used. The process I found dificult is scufting because I kept on hearting my-self and I had to make sure that I got it dead straight on the line.

    FrOm ZaC.

  9. Very good for megans and zions african art

  10. Nice work year six it looks good on the wall.

  11. Thanks Chayse.

  12. thanks chayse

  13. I liked my work and zions work is very good every one else did a great job to

  14. I loved them all

  15. I love Zions

  16. I think all of them were great!

  17. boatj104.206 says:

    I agree with you serena

  18. I like Utku’s and mafthews and kaylebs and zacs and freddies and tolanis

  19. i Like everyones




    Onyx class

    St marks student




  20. Thankyou mr Jones for making us do african art prints, lino prints it was very fun especially printing

  21. actaully ithink all the water carries are great

  22. theo LOL any way we all did very hard work

  23. Mr J my dear friend you did a really good job well done

    By jensine mum

  24. I like mine the best [ Sorry everybody else ]

  25. dont think about yourself freddie think about others anyway mine is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I cant name what one I like SO YH

  27. Theo Cupitt says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean to post twice. my favourite ones are Sakerria’s and Mufsy’s. I like the futuristic, geometric style on Sakerria’s and the simple but nice curves on Mufsy’s



  28. I think this blog is really coming together

  29. I agree with Zion, they are all brilliant

    By kevin
    onyx class student
    St Marks c of e primary school

    thank you

  30. i like evry ones i like zacs, zions ,mine , eliana,serena,ovlver ,megan,mattew,tolani,ukue and kevins.

    thank you

    st marks student

    onyx class

    By jensine


    thank you again

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :)


  32. I really like Freddie’s because I like the way he has used a reflection just like a mirror.

    Onyx class student
    Year 6
    St marks C of E primary school

    Thank you

  33. Thank you Mr Jones for letting us do the African art print they are all amazing!!!

    Thank you.

  34. Well we all did an amazing job in our african lino prints now I can name the ones i really do like , I like Zacs , Zions Freddies and of course me!!!!!!
    Onyx class
    St marks student
    By sunni

  35. Of course we all did an amazing job!

  36. I think all of the african lino prints are amazing, but I think Antony’s is the best because it doesn’t have many smudges and it is very complicated. I don’t think I would be able to sculpt very well! One of the patterns looks like an eye. I think everyone elses prints are very good too. Personally, I think mine is rubbish.

  37. By the way, some of the art prints don’t have names in the pictures.

  38. We all did an amazing job but we need to thank mr jones and pier and all us for working so hard in our african lino prints
    St marks student
    Onyx class
    By sunni

  39. Julia Szumilas says:

    I love all year 6’s artwork but my favourite one is Elianas and Arrans!!!!♥♡♥♡

  40. i think all these pictures are great i bet if the mayor of islinton saw he would give our school something very speicail. from stefano stmarks school pupil onyx class

  41. It’s really hard to make these but almost any one can. All you really need is the ink, carver, the Lino card, and responsibility.(my favourite is all of them it is a hard choice) :)

  42. We all did very very hard work and they all look amazing
    :) :) :)

    Thank you

  43. I really like Tolani’s because he has used a very complicated design and I really how he carved it its brilliant.

    P.S mine is the best!!!

    Thank you

  44. all of the afican art prints are great but as i think mine is the best because i took a long time drawing the lady but in the end i mangeed to do it with some help for Utku

  45. we all did a good job

  46. szumj001.206 says:

    I like the curves and lines and everythin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT WORK!!!!!!
    Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. boatj104.206 says:

    I ,like your one year 6.

  48. samps023.206 says:

    love the work that you done outstanding

  49. i think every one did a good job i hope u all think that too. it was very hard to do but we all made it there so i think every one did there hardest and if u don’t ur wrong

    from sakerria

  50. Julia Szumilas says:

    Lino prints are so cool!:);))◇◇◇◇◇◆◆◆◆◆♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥

  51. Hi Julia

  52. Tell the class that is missing everyone even you

  53. Mr Jones missing you

  54. Year 6 Are Good And Beaved

  55. India roberts-saggo says:

    Love your African art prints they all have such detail and coulor

  56. Hi guys good job

  57. They are all really cool and detailed

  58. They all look really beautiful and has lots of detail on them.

  59. Nikola wolczynska says:

    They all look nice well done.

  60. I have got my mc uniform i dont wanna leave

  61. hi this is jneisne luv the work

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