Year 2 2019-20

Bean in A Bag Update!


Our Beans in a Bag have continued to grow as you can see from this picture!

Nearly all of our bean plants have pushed their way through the sealed bag and have continued to grow!

The tallest runner bean plant measured in at 52cms tall and the tallest dwarf bean was 48cms tall!

Below is a picture of the cupboard bean which measured in at 19cms (runner bean) and 18cms (dwarf bean)

What do you notice about it?
Why do you think it is different to your beans in a bag on the display?
Did you expect this to happen?

6 comments on “Bean in A Bag Update!

  1. The beans in the cupboard have grown but not as much as the ones on display. They are different to the ones on display because they ones on display have sunlight. I expected this to happen because our beans have more sunlight which is needed for them to grow.

  2. Well done Daniel, what a great explanation!
    We now know that we are able to grow beans without sunlight AND soil. However, the ones that received sunlight grew much taller and were healthier.

  3. Zackariah Ashiq-O'Toole says:

    Yes, I did expect this to happen.
    I noticed the bean in the cupboard is droopy because it doesn’t have enough daylight.

  4. Amazing observation Zack!
    We know now that our beans will grow without sunlight AND soil. However, the ones that do receive sunlight will grow much taller!

  5. Yazmin Mason-Oznannimlar says:

    I noticed that they have grown and they look a bit welted,
    I think it looks different because it looks like its dieing,
    no didn’t expect this this to happen.

  6. Great observation Yaz!
    We know now that the beans are able to grow without sunlight, but they won’t grow as well as the ones that do receive sunlight.

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