Year 1 2019-20

Big Sentences!


We have been learning about the 3 main things to make a simple sentence…

A capital letter.

Finger spaces between each word.

A full stop at the end of the sentence.

Can you create any big sentences at home?

*You could use A4 sheets of paper and write each word on a piece and put them together.

*You could write the sentence in a sand tray.

*You could use a paint brush to spell each word.

TASK: write down below the sentence you made and what you used to make it! (It doesn’t have to be long.)

I can’t wait to read your sentence!

10 comments on “Big Sentences!

  1. I like when we did counting at school today.

    I love my mummy.
    I wrote this sentence on big paper.

  2. I like when we did counting in class today.

    I wrote this sentence on big paper.

  3. keiran dease says:


    Im Keiran and i love Mr wiggles.

  4. I like to draw Halloween pictures.

  5. Nahom Tesfamariam says:

    I played football after school.

  6. Nahom Tesfamariam says:

    At school I was playing champ with my friend.

  7. I want a lizard.

  8. I like apples.

  9. Super sentences, thank you Sapphire class!

  10. Lachie Turner says:

    I want a gecko.

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