Black History Month


What new thing did you learn about Black History Month?

What did you find most informative about our class discussion on Racism?



16 comments on “Black History Month

  1. It was so fun doing it.

  2. it was so fun

  3. Mae English says:

    I liked it when we put the coloured paper around the dark skinned famous people. We worked together.

  4. I want to stop it

  5. I like black history month.

  6. Edmund what did you like about our learning on Black History month?

  7. It made me happy.

  8. Edmund, why did it make you happy?

  9. This will stop racism.

  10. I will like to stop racism

  11. Black history month tells me alot I did not know.

  12. This will help me when I am old.

  13. Alistair Turner says:

    I loved it when me and my group made mosiacs for black history month!

  14. I liked everything

  15. No matter who you are you should always be nice to others. Your only different on the outside but your all the same in the inside, it’s only your skin.

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