Year 4 2019-20

Can you name the 12 Disciples?


Can you name the 12 disciples?


5 comments on “Can you name the 12 Disciples?

  1. Peter, James, John, Mathew, Andrew, Bartholomew, Judas, Jude, Philip, Simon the Zealot and Thomas

  2. joel.tesfamariam says:

    Matthew ,John, James, Judas, Peter, Bartholomew, Thaddeus, James, Simon, Philip, Thomas, Andrew

  3. Nahom Fitsum says:


  4. Well done. You could put the names in a sentence, e.g. The names of the 12 disciples are…

  5. Nahom Fitsum says:

    Matthew,James,Thomas,Judas,Zealot and Phillip

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