Year 5 2014-15

Cooking week with Jet!!!!!!


Today Jet class got cooking.

We made a Greek Salad, Focaccia Bread, Falafel and Hummus.  It all went down a treat and we ate like Greek Gods.  I think Zues would be proud…



30 comments on “Cooking week with Jet!!!!!!

  1. This food looks really good, it was very delicious. My favourite food was that bread, it so good now its one of my favourite breads.

  2. The bread was absolutely tasty… Well done yet!!!

  3. I really really enjoyed the lesson today
    It was really fun oh and when can we do art.

  4. I loved the bread to I even made it. Cant wait to take the recipe home. Next time I wanna make pizza Mrs Robb!

  5. Thank you very much Miss Rob, in fact I helped making the bread.

  6. I loved the bread too,and sophia you’re so lucky you got to make the bread but why was there raisons in it ?

  7. Andre Freitas says:

    I love cooking

  8. I like cooking as well

  9. I loved the bread too , its my favourite bread except for the raisins as I didn’t really like them . Next time I want to make pizza miss rob, and cake too , and if we do cooking on vikings,please don’t do bean cakes ,
    the beans in them are disgusting!!!

  10. Julia Szumilas says:

    Sounds really yummy!!!!!

  11. you are making me hungry year 5, they look tasty!!!

    Thank you

  12. Delvie Bokete says:

    i love the cooking week

  13. This looks tasted I’ll try and get a chance to eat this food

  14. It look delicious

  15. Miss Robb

  16. The food looks delishis

  17. szumj001.206 says:

    It does Bryttain!!!!!

  18. samps023.206 says:

    yum yum

  19. NikolA wolczynska says:

    It looks tasty year5

  20. It looks really nice

  21. It looks tasty

  22. I liked cooking and my favourite food was the bread

  23. The food we cooked tasted yummy !

  24. I really liked cooking the bread it is also tasty

  25. India Roberts-sagoo says:

    Really nice cooking week fun day the food was okay and the picture looks great.

  26. Cooking week was really fun and can’t wait for the next one

  27. I liked the bean cakes when they were diped in honey and can we make some more for the Viking topic to annoy lexy

  28. Sophia Gimenez says:

    When are we going to have cooking week again? It was really fun!

  29. Yum Yum. That bread was delicious.

  30. All your food looks delicious.

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