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  1. Miss Michael says:

    A poem from Marnie

    Poem for the NHS

    Dear Doctors and Nurses,
    We wish you good luck.
    You leave your family to care for our own,
    And you never give up even if you want your home.
    We are trying to help you win this fight,
    And we will stand by you on your dangerous plight.
    Keep doing what you’re doing,
    Keep trying your best
    And remember you are not alone on this quest.

    By Marnie

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful poem Marnie!

    We do indeed wish them well and we will continue to do our part by staying safe.

    Ms Mohamed

  3. This is my poem about spring.

    Spring is the season that everyone likes
    Go outside and ride your bikes
    In this season there is lots of flowers
    You can play outside for hours and hours.

    Right,we can’t go out because of the
    Corona Virus but we always know that the
    NHS is always with us.

    Thank you NHS for being by our side
    and I’ll never forget that you have been our guide.

  4. Ms Lockwood says:

    What a beautiful and thoughtful poem Marnie. I can tell you really thought about how you wanted to express your Thank you and gratitude to all the amazing frontline workers. Well Done you.
    Ms Lockwood

  5. Coral Class, we are coming to the end of our Easter Break and I am looking forward to seeing all the marvelous work you have been doing.
    Where possible take photos and or share on this blog.
    On Monday we shall have a new timetable…so watch this space.

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