Year 3 2019-20

Egyptian Art


What did you enjoy about doing this activity?

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7 comments on “Egyptian Art

  1. I love it when we made our head mask and our ancient Egypt necklace. I like when we went to the British museum and
    my favourite thing was when we ate our lunch and saw the mummies upstairs.AND I really wanted to go to top of the building and see what was there.

  2. I like learning about all of the things on ancient Egypt and doing our class assembly and I liked to go to the British Museum. .

  3. That was fun.

  4. I LOVED painting the necklaces in stripes and painting our death masks was sooooooo FUN.

  5. Mae English says:

    LOVE IT because I love art and I love studying Ancient Egypt it’s GREAT!

  6. An Historian in the making!

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