Year 4 2018-19



This term our P.E lessons have been focusing on gymnastics and balancing.

Previous lessons taught the children how to strengthen their core muscles and stamina by keeping a position for 10 seconds.

This week the children were challenged to work together and choreograph a series of balances, synchronized.

Take a look at their amazing work.

Coral Class, did you enjoy the lesson?

What did you find challenging?

What would you do next time to make it better?

8 comments on “Gymnastics-Balancing

  1. I enjoyed the lesson so much I found it tricky when I had to sit on caitlins shoulders and Lola had to sit on mayas

  2. I learnt to trust in your partner who you’re working with and also to have fun

  3. It’s all about team work!

  4. I enjoyed the lesson a lot as well

  5. I really enjoyed working in a team to make up a pose it was really very fun!!!!!!!

  6. And I do agree with you mya sitting on Maya’s shoulders was very tricky!!!!!!!!!

  7. Can you guys tell me more about since I wasn’t there. It looked really fun though!!!!!

  8. You had to have a group of four and make up three poses or four I worked with Maya Lola and Caitlin we tried tried to challenge ourselves

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