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Hi Guys,

As you know there are many ways for you to continue with your learning. The Home Learning section outlines these.

Although not as fun as when we are all together we can still keep up with our work through the workbooks (collect them from school) and/or use the internet.

When you collect your packs from school there is a list of to do activities in there along with a project for our next terms topic work.

You also have included all your long in details for purple Mash, TTR, and blog logins. I will be updating the blogs on a regular basis and for you to respond or ask any questions.

Times Tables Rock-battles will also be running between boys and girls and against other classes too. So get practicing!

If you have any queries, get stuck or need more help you can respond via this blog.

 I shall be checking every day.

Take care and hope to see you all soon.

Ms Lockwood


6 comments on “Home Learning

  1. Mae English says:

    It was really FUN!!! I loved world book day every one was together.

  2. Mae English says:

    I loved when we drew the rocks

  3. World book day was really fun but Dimitri’s dog head looked really cool. When Dimitri came in with his mask I thought that a dog came because I am scared of dogs.

    Good luck Miss Lockwood be careful.

  4. Thank you. I hope you are all keeping well and trying to keep occupied with some work, rest and play. Ms. L

  5. I like the sketches of the Rocks I was rubing out so many times then I got the hang of it☣

  6. Practise makes perfect!

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