Year 5 2014-15

Jet are Fantastic Artists!


This term we have been celebrating Black History and studied a Black Artist called Lois Mailou Jones.

We cut different pieces of her art work, focused on detail and recreated the segment using oil pastels…


What techniques did you use to create your oil pastel masterpiece?

13 comments on “Jet are Fantastic Artists!

  1. Hi Ms Robb im leaving the school, good luck with art

  2. I hope you liked it. Good luck Porshia and visit soon.

  3. good luck porshia make sure you come back on this website soon !

  4. I smudged the pastel to make it blend in and I also had to make my work detailed

  5. I smudged the oil pastel and went over the same colour but just with lighter or darker pastle

  6. Doing art really inspires me and makes me think about how I feel.

  7. I smudged two colours together to make it more creative

  8. Art is my favourite and I liked smudging to.

  9. I really like doing art it is really fun

  10. I liked smudging the postal and couloring and drawing

  11. I liked drawing the picture and smuging a few pastels together to make the colours go brighter or darker

  12. India Roberts-sagoo says:

    It was really fun doing the art projects like it way better than normal lessons.but next time I would like to use paint and/or felt tips as well as oil pastels

    P.S your deeply looks great !

  13. So cool

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