Year 5 2014-15

Jet, BCS, Islington Council and Arsenal celebrate the computing curriculum.


On Tuesday 13th January 2015, Alexis, Andre, Bedo, Rebekah, Rubie, Antony, Chloe, Erica, Becky, Billy and Isaac were invited to Arsenal FC to showcase their computing Skills.


Jet, explained to adults and other schools about what they have been learning in computing, by demonstrating an unplugged lesson (with no computers) at the Computing Hub.  Using an activity design by Barefoot Computing called Crazy Characters, they were able to explain the concept of algorithms and the importance of precise instructions.

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On the day, other Islington Schools also showcased their learning in a big celebration of computing.

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Chloe said that “The day helped her to understand how important computing is in the world”.

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How do you think computing helps you in your everyday life?

17 comments on “Jet, BCS, Islington Council and Arsenal celebrate the computing curriculum.

  1. Was it fun?

  2. course it was fun.

  3. What did you like most about the day Isaac?

  4. I Think that computing is a big part of everyday life and is a great way to comuicate

  5. I think computing is great too and going to the arsenal stadium was
    definitely great!!!! It was really fun going round to other people and seeing what they have learned and also seeing people play minecraft!

  6. I enjoyed seeing other computing and having fun

  7. I wish I went was good inside.

  8. I enjoyed learning about all the different things about computing and algorithm

  9. That looks fun and cool

  10. Olivia daynes says:

    It sounds really cool,I bet you learnt lots new computing technics.ANDyou got to go to the Arsenal stadium and I support Arsenal so that’s AWSOME!!!!

  11. This was very FUN

  12. So cool

  13. It was so cool

  14. Rojda Terbas says:

    I wish I was there

  15. it was really fun and all the activities were cool and some of the arsenal coaches were there

  16. It was super fun learning about what was in computers and drawing our own crazy charecter and the algorithm with it so people can guess what it was

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