Jet Class Science Trip: Feel the Force!


Today Jet class visited The Science Museum. We went to watch a show called Feel The Force where we learned about some important physicists that have contributed to the world of science. We looked at gravity, friction, air resistance, magnetism, aerodynamics and upthrust. We watched some demonstrations, we laughed (a lot!) and found out that science is AWESOME.

Then we went to the Wonderlab where we experimented with lots of different aspects of science, asked questions and watched some amazing demonstrations.

What did you learn today Jet Class?

3 comments on “Jet Class Science Trip: Feel the Force!

  1. I loved this trip😁but the slides were super scary so I only went on two

  2. i loved the trip but I loved the show

  3. I learned that when you put some objects in dry ice they stay together but some objects leave their original form.

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