Jewish Museum visit


How good a day was it?  Hope you had a lot of fun with all the activities you got to take part in and learning new information.


What was your best part and what new things did you learn that you thing has help with your learning about Judaism.

Was thee any information that astonished your?

Would you visit again?


3 comments on “Jewish Museum visit

  1. I loved the jewish museum and would absolutely LOVE to go there again. Me and Mae were with together whilst doing the all the lovely activities and our favourite one was when we learnt how to write a bit of Hebrew

  2. My favourite part was writing in Hebrew and going up stairs to do work up stairs and I liked all of the things that I saw in the Jewish museum it was fun

  3. I enjoyed going to the Jewish
    Museum and I would go there again.Me and Nomqhele’s favourite activity is when we wrote in Hebrew.🏛

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