Year 2 2018-19

Let’s google it!


We we were using search engines to find out information using keywords. We followed our e-safety rules and learnt some very interesting facts such as the capital of Australia is Canberra.



What at interesting information have you found out using a search engine?

9 comments on “Let’s google it!

  1. OluwaDaraOlowoporoku says:

    things like how old is important people and who found diffrent countrys in the world.
    I like this because I want to know things I don’t I can be the smartest in the world by knowing everything you can lern in the world.Well I want freinds to be smart aswell but I want to be the smartest of them all.

  2. OluwaDaraOlowoporoku says:

    I want to lern how to google things so I can now find more stuf out.

  3. That Shakespear was born on April 23 1664

  4. The interesting facts I have found from the internet are …

    .Who found africa and when william shakespeare was born.
    Also what was the heaviest mammal in the world.

  5. Olive Boyd says:

    I have found out that we use search engines all the time. Most of the time to find out something but sometimes it is to go on a game or YouTube.

  6. Cerys Miller says:

    We have used a search engine to answer the rest of the questions given to me like ‘what is the weather like in China?
    We have also done a word search that is based on finding homophones.
    We looked at pictures to see how to make an Easter bonnet to get a good idea.

  7. I found out about the ribs in the skeleton.

  8. Kate de Barry says:

    Savannah was very surprised at the quantity of water held in a fire engine in case they cant connect to a fire hydrant on the road side.

  9. George pipinka says:

    How old the Queen is

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