Year 2 2019-20

Maths Weekly Challenge


Here are 3 challenges all about MEASURING!

Complete 1, 2 or all 3 challenges and post your answers and comments in the comment section below.

You will need a ruler or a measuring tape to complete the challenges.

Challenge 1

Measure a piece of spaghetti. How long is it in cms?
Do you think it will be the same length once it is cooked? Why or why not?

Now measure a piece of cooked spaghetti.
Is it the same or a different length? Why do you think this was?

Challenge 2

Measure the length of your foot in cms.
Now measure the length of your forearm in cms.
What do you notice about it?
What happens if you measure the foot and forearm of a family member?

Challenge 3

Measure your height.
Then, with someone’s help, measure the distance from fingertip to fingertip when you stretch your arms wide.
Compare the distances – do you notice anything?

6 comments on “Maths Weekly Challenge

  1. Zackariah Ashiq-O'Toole says:

    Challenge 2: Both my foot and forearm are 16cm.
    My Dad’s are 26cm and 27cm. WOW!!

  2. Great measuring Zack!
    Did you then check your measurement by putting your foot onto your forearm?
    Keep up all of the fantastic work!
    – Miss Godden.

  3. My height is 129 cm and my arms are 128 cm.
    Mummy’s height is 173 cm mummy’s arms are 171 cm.
    I notice that height and arm span are similar lengths.

  4. Excellent work Daniel! It is interesting to see that they are very similar heights.
    Keep up all of your hard work!
    – Miss Godden.

  5. Christian says:

    My foot is 19cm and arm is 18.5cm. My brother’s foot is17.5 cm arm is 17 cm. My foot fits between my elbow and wrist.

  6. Well done Christian, great measuring!

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