Reception 2014-15

Persisting With Activity When Challenges Occur


010 011 012 Reception children decided they wanted to build a princess tower. The tower kept falling down!

This is how they shared ideas and found a way to solve the problem.



8 comments on “Persisting With Activity When Challenges Occur

  1. the tower looks great recepsion

  2. Julia Szumilas says:

    How did the reception children solve tho problem?

  3. I like your tower

  4. szumj001.206 says:

    I agree.
    i love the tower!

  5. samps023.206 says:

    the new reception is super cute

  6. nikola wolczynska says:

    the tower looks great reception

  7. its mya but she’s using kaseys email.
    i liked making princess towers with my friends :
    billie ray

  8. Must have been really hard!

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