Year 4 2019-20

Playing our instruments..


Today the children played together for the first time, the clarinets and the trumpets.

They were very impressive, it was obvious the children have been practicing at home.

Can’t wait for our mini performance!

Coral Class, how often to do practice at home?

What do you like about learning to play your instrument?

Which notes to you find the trickiest?

How do you try to overcome that?

3 comments on “Playing our instruments..

  1. Osman Karaaslan says:

    For me Miss Micheal the the tricky letter to play was G because when you are playing it needed to remove all you finger and when I am playing the clarinet it was hard to concentrate to the teacher and play the letter especially the letter (G)

  2. How are you finding it now? Have you been practicing? Don’t forget your reading!??

  3. My Trickest letter was (G) Aswell, and it was, And we Had to focus Aswell, and All the other Letters were Fine and, The easiest Letter Is E and C And F. Apart from the G, And I promise to Pratice My Times Tables Over the Holidays. And I will read Aswell. See you In 2020

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