Year 3 2014-15

Recorder Concert


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Year 3 went to the Union Chapel to take part in a recorder concert.

Did you enjoy taking part? What was your favourite piece?

7 comments on “Recorder Concert

  1. I am leaving the school, lm surprised your class can play the recorder wonderfuly

  2. Bye Bye Porshia Thanks for coming to our school

  3. Daniella says:

    The recorder concert was fun it was fun because we played with other schools.

  4. It was very fun at the recorder concert because we played with other schools and heard how they play recorder.

  5. I hope you had fun at the union chapel for the concert

  6. luiv the music kepp going u will do well

  7. It was really fun when I was in year 3 and went to the union chapel to play with different schools.

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