Year 6 2014-15

Safer Internet Day in Onyx


During Safer Internet week Onyx learnt how to make safer choices whilst on the internet.

In class, children explored the Thinkuknow website and discussed how they would tackle difficult situations on the internet.

Have a look in your spare time by clicking here.

Onyx Class 4Onyx Class 2

Onyx also spent time enjoying what the world wide web had to offer and completed their awareness with some positive tech by tinkering on Scratch.

Onyx Class 3


Can you give a top tip on staying safe online year 6?

5 comments on “Safer Internet Day in Onyx

  1. Thanks year6 now I know a bit more about staying safe online

  2. Thanks ant yeah just don’t read any messages that you reserve
    If you do by accident just tell someone thinkuknow

  3. Staying safe on the Internet is good because like an example when your by yourself and someday like a unknown person call you just have to like not accept it also you can tell your mum about it if you should accept it

  4. I am going to miss u all all my love megs

  5. I love my new school lol I am coming tomorrow so u can see my uniform
    I miss u so much

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