Year 4 2019-20





Hello Coral Class,

This term we are learning about Electricity. In Purple Mash you have to create a safety poster (use the internet to help you gather information, check what other posters look like, think what makes people take notice? is it eye-catching? have you used precise language?).

I would like you to complete and send this in for me, I will mark/give you feedback.

There are a range of learning activities in 2do in Purple Mash. Please make sure you log in EVERY DAY. I will be monitoring this and adding activities daily.

Remember what I always say in class, everything in moderation. Do not stay on the computer for too long, keep up with reading your book, practice times tables (not just online, try paper and pencil or mentally). Play board games, draw, paint, bake and ….help with the housework.

After watching you all making beds at the homeless shelter I will expect you to continue making your own beds!

Missing You



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